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The perfume is sensual and sweet, unfathomably attractive and fantastically cuddly. A deliciously sweet fragrance with a high recognition value.
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The perfume is sensual and sweet, unfathomably attractive and fantastically cuddly. A deliciously sweet fragrance with a high recognition value.
ÉCLAT 185 is a modern gourmand perfume. The scent starts delicious to bite into, with the main note caramel, in all imaginable consistencies. Crunchy caramel brittle, poured with liquid butter caramel and dusted with delicate caramel powder, lies on gently melting caramel cream. The sweet caramel note remains stylish and elegant in the foreground over the entire course of the fragrance. The top note is gently and creamy embedded in musk and powdery notes. The composition is accompanied by fine, oriental benzoin and a touch of sweet vanilla. The perfume is sensually sweet, unfathomably attractive and wonderfully cuddly. A deliciously sweet fragrance with a high recognition value in an indescribably noble way. Probably the most precious sweet among the fragrances!
Balsamic-intensive and lovely-sweet with fine notes of vanilla and chocolate, the fragrant benzoin resin forms the perfect basis for warm, oriental compositions.
To melt away! The sweet aromas of melted sugar develop creamy-soft or buttery-tender. Caramel is an irresistibly tasty and sensual gourmand note.
Musk is one of the most seductive fragrances for both him and her. With its attractive character, this fragrance often forms a sensual and warm base.
Sweet femininity
This feminine fragrance represents a loud, exuberant and modern facet of femininity. Sweet and pink, the fragrance is like a unique powder cloud. For all women who want more. For all women who want to stand out. And for all women who are looking for a fragrance to fall in love with.
You can also experience the delicious notes in a soothing cream for the body with the ingredients shea butter and D-panthenol. The great gourmand scent meets a real moisture booster here. Both products are also available in a bundle.
Telka 2
Good mood booster
The perfume contains notes that simply make you happy. The fragrance lifts not only your mood, but also the mood in your environment. Perfect for joyful women who want to emphasize their character with the right fragrance.
The empire
of sweets
The paradise fragrance for women ÉCLAT 185 is simply addictive with its shrill, delicious sweetness. Take an exciting trip into the world of sweet treats with the perfume and embrace sweet seduction! The unmistakable, unique note of caramel that permeates the entire fragrance makes the eau de parfum unmistakable. In no other fragrance twin you will find such an intense, delicious gourmand note. Wrap yourself in the sensual powder cloud and experience the bestseller for women to the fullest. A fragrance that simply makes you happy!
Apply the fragrance to warm areas of the body and let it absorb.
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