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This feminine, floral-fruity and green eau de parfum is a perfect composition that women can wear anytime and anywhere.
119 Mas de 50
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This feminine, floral-fruity and green eau de parfum is a perfect composition that women can wear anytime and anywhere.
The world in front of me reveals itself in all imaginable shades of green, an impenetrable jungle ... Bright sunbeams fall in, allow all imaginable shades and gently touch large waxy leaves and exotic flowers. It was just raining and the air is fresh tomorrow, but strangely warm. Pale wisps of mist make their way through the bright, smooth trunks of nameless trees. On the huge leaves, sparkling drops trickle down the leaf veins and collect in the deep green funnels of the tropical plants. The air carries the scent of hazy, sweet and sour fruit over to me. I am fresh and flowery. I am simple and yet special. I'm ÉCLAT 207. Bergamots give this fragrance a fresh and citrus start, while Casablanca lilies give it its greenish-floral character. The basic accord of sandalwood and vanilla perfectly rounds off the fragrance. ÉCLAT 207 is a feminine, floral-fruity everyday fragrance that women can wear anytime and anywhere.
The wonderful citrus fruit bergamot ripens mainly in the Calabrian sun ... Used in the top note, it ensures a particularly lively and fresh start.
casablanca lily
casablanca lily
The magnificent, white flowers of the oriental Casablanca lily present their pleasantly lovely lily scent gracefully. A delightful flower full of elegance and magic.
The intense, warming sandalwood scent forms the perfect basis for autumn and winter perfumes. The note impresses with its sweet note, which is rounded off by an earthy-woody fragrance.
Fragrance direction
Simplicity and Perfection
The classics are presented in a minimalist design and elegant packaging with gold embossing. The simplicity of the crystal clear bottle with the high-quality magnetic closure underlines the extraordinary character of its contents.
The art of
Apply the Eau de Parfum intuitively to the skin or the inner lining of the clothing and freshen up as the mood takes you.
Telka 2
Meet the ÉCLAT Women
The right fragrance for every character. ÉCLAT Classics are modern, varied and underline the wonderful femininity in all its facets.
Discover the beauty and diversity of our fragrant world of women's classics. For yourself or for others. Find the one fragrance that suits you best or the perfect gift for all the wonderful women in your life. Every woman is different. We celebrate individuality and character. Show your strength with ÉCLAT. Face the challenges of everyday life. Free. Spontaneous. Open minded. Underline your personality with your unique signature fragrance. During the day or in the evening. In the office or on a first date. It has never been so nice to be yourself!
A promise of happiness
Experience ÉCLAT Classics in all its different facets. Fragrances that make you happy.
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