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This eau de parfum is like a gentle, airy rose cream, lightly sweetened and refined with woody-spicy pepper.
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This eau de parfum is like a gentle, airy rose cream, lightly sweetened and refined with woody-spicy pepper.
This eau de parfum is like a gentle, airy rose cream, lightly sweetened and refined with woody-spicy pepper. ÉCLAT 288 is a fresh, floral-woody and slightly creamy luxury fragrance. Fresh, noble Bulgarian and Turkish rose petals and Grasse centifolia absolute, obtained from the lovely, hundred-petalled rose, create a wonderful, exquisite and classic rose fragrance full of harmony and grace. A touch of powdery Florentine iris swings in the flowery background. Precious Virginia cedar and a spicy pepper note set a gentle contrast to the delicate rose notes and make this fragrance unique. Over the course of time, the fragrance becomes creamier and more supple without losing its fresh, floral character. A rare, expensive and luxurious fragrance.
cinnamon rose
cinnamon rose
The May rose beguiles with its classic rose scent and warm, honey-like, beautiful floral nuances. The scent note is particularly flowery and therefore has a very romantic effect!
turkish rose
turkish rose
The noble Turkish rose smells flowery, sweet and warm. The rosy aroma of the royal blossom seduces and enchants at the same time and has a harmonizing effect on the mind.
The cedar has a pronounced dark, deep and woody scent with spicy and balsamic accents. Since the scent note lasts for a long time, it is often incorporated into the base note.
Promising red
The VIP series is presented in a noble packaging made of deep red with elegant gold embossing. The simplicity of the crystal clear bottle with magnetic closure underlines the extravagant character of its contents.
All eyes
on the scent
Experience the world of exclusive fragrances in all its exciting facets. For those who are only satisfied with the best.
World of luxury
High-quality ingredients are combined to create gorgeous fragrances. The exclusive fragrances from ÉCLAT are striking, noble and irresistible.
The right fragrance at the right moment. The exclusive ÉCLAT fragrance collection is created for the big and small appearances in life. Like an invisible accessory, the noble fragrances surround the wearer with a glamorous and exciting shimmer. The fragrance unfolds its feminine facets in every woman in a unique harmony. Feel the luxury on your skin. Be the center of the party. Seductive. Own. Confident. This is your luxury moment. Discover extraordinary signature fragrances that will not be forgotten anytime soon. For you or for others.
The art of perfuming
Apply any number of puffs of the eau de parfum. Warm parts of the body, such as the cleavage or the inside of the wrists, are ideal for particularly good development.
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