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A harmonious fragrance as beautiful and cuddly as a smooth, emerald-green jade that sparkles in the sunlight in all imaginable shades of green ...
146 Mas de 50
SKU: 311
A harmonious fragrance as beautiful and cuddly as a smooth, emerald-green jade that sparkles in the sunlight in all imaginable shades of green ...
This scent looks fresh thanks to the green mandarin and at the same time warm thanks to the musk. ÉCLAT 311 is a cheerful, leisure fragrance for spring and summer. The fresh mandarine, poured over with cold, clear spring water, opens up with a citrus, tangy and green color. Then a light, green scent develops, which gives off the unique scent of fresh cut flowers. The flowery notes do not weigh down, but are delicate and incredibly feminine. The bright flowers consist of white peonies, radiant jasmine and fine pear blossoms. Light woods, musk and the aromatic scent of pistachios complete the scent harmoniously. All components of this fragrance alternative are perfectly coordinated, so that no note stands out and is intrusive. The result is a fragrance as beautiful and cuddly as a smooth, emerald green jade that sparkles in all imaginable green tones in the sunlight ...
green notes
green notes
Green notes bring an incomparable lightness and freshness to the fragrance. They are fleetingly and clearly reminiscent of freshly mown grass, crushed leaves, rain-soaked forests or deaf meadows.
light woods
light woods
With their soft creaminess and pleasant warmth, light woods form a fragrance that makes you feel good. Perfumes with this note are balanced, natural and elegant in a simple way.
The scent of the pistachio is light, pleasant and creamy with restrained, spicy accents. The subtle scent manages to convey the soft feeling on the skin after applying cream.
ECLAT Rar Woman Story
Schlichtheit in Vollendung
Die Raritäten präsentieren sich im klassisch schlichten ÉCLAT Design. Der kristallklare Flakon mit dem hochwertigen Magnetverschluss wird in der edlen Verpackung mit zarter Goldprägung geliefert.
full of joy
Experience the ÉCLAT rarities in all their different facets. Fragrances that bring joy.
ECLAT Classic Rarity
Ancient love
Rediscover long-lost fragrances at ÉCLAT. Rarities are real treasures, fragrant pieces of jewelry and nostalgia turned into perfume.
Discover your old or find your new signature fragrance in an abundance of breathtaking eau de parfums. The world of ÉCLAT rarities consists of a multitude of inspiring fragrances with unmistakable facets. The fragrances create a new balance, they connect the future with the past and dreams with reality. A unique interplay of flattering notes - skilfully staged. “Being a woman” has never been so unique. Your scent is an expression of your personality, your individuality and your strength. Spontaneous. Simple. Free. For you and for all the great women in your life.
ECLAT rar woman Story 2
Meet the ÉCLAT Women
The right fragrance for every character. ÉCLAT rarities are modern, varied and self-confident. For the woman who knows what she wants and is not satisfied with anything less.
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