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A fresh and spicy composition of exquisite fragrances. Wild and powerful.
73 Mas de 50
SKU: 696
A fresh and spicy composition of exquisite fragrances. Wild and powerful.
ÉCLAT 696 is a fresh and spicy composition of exquisite fragrances. A strong, synthetic Ambrox note takes center stage and is framed by precious fragrances that add fresh and spicy accents. The scent contains tangy, citrus bergamot, various aromatic sorts of pepper, gentle, calming lavender, harmonizing rose geranium and an intense, woody-balsamic vetiver. Elemi resin and patchouli also add a masculine, earthy forest note to the fragrance. This eau de parfum was created from selected, exquisite ingredients. The scent is wild, powerful and close to nature.
The artificial fragrance is reminiscent of ambergris and is reflected in the perfume through elegant, woody salt, sea and skin notes that are both gentle and invigorating.
The wonderful citrus fruit bergamot ripens mainly in the Calabrian sun ... Used in the top note, it ensures a particularly lively and fresh start.
Pepper is probably the king of spices! The lively, exciting and tingling scent of the black grains enriches the perfume with an attractive sharpness.
Masculine fragrance notes
The masculine classic reveals a peppery bergamot note and the dry aroma of ambered precious woods as it progresses. The strong freshness of the citrus nuance is closely interwoven with the warm, resinous-spicy aromas. This special combination creates a unique fragrance for men, unmistakable and impenetrable.
Eau de Parfum
Men's fragrance dupe ÉCLAT 696 belongs to the class of eau de parfums with a high fragrance oil content of 15%. This means, in addition to a strong intensity of the fragrance, a wonderful sillage and a long durability.
Inspired by nature
The fragrance ÉCLAT 696 was inspired by a landscape that is wide and open associates a boundless desire for freedom and a masculine wildness.
The man as role model Your
This nature-loving composition for men embodies the image of an honest and authentic man, who is always true to himself, who always keeps a cool head and who is surrounded by a natural charisma. The distinctive fragrance stands for a very classic and clear masculinity. It was the starting point for the fascinating perfume. This makes the composition for men absolutely timeless. ÉCLAT 696 Eau de Parfum is a fragrance that is very authentic and with its woody-citrus nuances a suitable companion for any age and any occasion. A classic fragrance that should not be missing in any collection, but is still distinctive and exceedingly special.
Apply the scent to the skin on the neck and wrists. Do not rub.
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