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This masculine fragrance combines the strength and persistence of the earth with the volatility of the air ...
110 Mas de 50
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This masculine fragrance combines the strength and persistence of the earth with the volatility of the air ...
Masculine wood notes of cedar and sandalwood smell fresh and clear of a very dark and rainy coniferous forest. The maritime notes are also immediately perceptible and carry the scent of the sea and vacation with a touch of salt. In the base, the fragrance becomes woody again with sweet and aromatic accords of vetiver, spices, cardamom, mint and vanilla. This fragrance combines the strength and durability of the earth with the volatility of the air. The fresh, aquatic and aromatic fragrance is a more intense variant of our composition ÉCLAT 612 and a more minty and fresher alternative to our creation ÉCLAT 685.
aquatic notes
aquatic notes
Feel the unique scent of the ocean on your skin ... Cool and invigorating, aquatic notes smell of sea and salt, spray and wind. The pure and clear note is as refreshing as the water itself.
The expensive spice refines and refines the perfume with its fresh and spicy aromas, the sweetish sharpness and its radiant warmth.
The typical scent of mint is refreshing, cleansing and stimulating. An unmistakable fragrance that not only cools and invigorates, but also puts you in a good mood and summery cocktail associations.
Fragrance direction
Simplicity and perfection
Clear lines and simple elegance: the classics are presented in a minimalist design and elegant packaging with silver embossing.
The art of
Apply the Eau de Parfum intuitively to the skin or the inner lining of the clothing and freshen up as the mood takes you.
Masculine signature
ÉCLAT Classics are modern and varied. With their sensual, sporty or elegant fragrances, every character will find the right fragrance.
The right fragrance for every character. Discover the variety of perfume classics for men. Your own scent is something very special. It is the olfactory reflection of the man who wears it. It is an expression of the individual personality, it reveals hidden facets of the character and thus exudes a tremendous attraction. Show strength. Show character. Face the big and small challenges of everyday life. During the day. In the evening. On the first date. In the office. During sports. With your unique signature fragrance from ÉCLAT.
Portrait of a man
Experience the masculine ÉCLAT Classics in all its facets. Fragrances for characters.
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