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In this aphrodisiac and precious fragrance, spice, dense aroma and semi-sweet woods reign.
90 Mas de 50
SKU: 902
In this aphrodisiac and precious fragrance, spice, dense aroma and semi-sweet woods reign.
Spice, dense aroma and semi-sweet woods reign in this aphrodisiac fragrance. ÉCLAT 902 is an exclusive unisex fragrance that contains the most precious type of all wood: Oud. The beguiling wood is sensual, full of aroma and sexy. Its unique flair is reminiscent of the deepest and most wonderful Orient. Cardamom and pepper exude their strong, sweetish spiciness and form a perfect symbiosis with the oud. The precious spices and valuable wood are layered on fine rosewood and wonderful sandalwood. In the base, the fragrance is carried by sweet notes of vanilla and tonka bean warmed by amber. This eau de parfum is radiant and precious.
The sensual scented oil, obtained from the resin of the exotic agarwood tree, exudes a unique and mystical flair that is reminiscent of 1001 nights.
Rosewood has a woody base with a floral aroma. The queen of flowers refines the wood with her unique character and makes the fragrance luxurious and exclusive.
The intense, warming sandalwood scent forms the perfect basis for autumn and winter perfumes. The note impresses with its sweet note, which is rounded off by an earthy-woody fragrance.
Warm notes
Warm notes make fragrances smooth and sensual. In this perfume, the combination of precious woods, cardamom, tonka and vanilla envelops the skin with extra warmth. A wonderful creation of the most beautiful ingredients full of sensuality and exoticism.
Application note
The fragrance of ÉCLAT 902 is intensified by your own body heat. Therefore, to intensify the fragrance, it should be applied to the pulse points of the body, such as the insides of the wrists or the neck. Let the perfume dry on the skin for a long hold without rubbing it in.
Unisex perfume
Luxury knows no gender boundaries. In this dupe, some of the best aromas that the world of women's and men's fragrances has to offer have been combined into a seductive eau de parfum.
A scent for
ÉCLAT 902 VIP has everything that a luxury perfume should have. The tribute to the most precious wood "oud" makes this fragrance exotic and characteristic. Its ingredients are rare, expensive and closely interwoven. The result is a uniquely luxurious eau de parfum quality fragrance that cannot be compared to anything else. An artful perfume that is neither masculine nor feminine. Developed around the beguiling oud note, the result is a complex fragrance that is sensual, challenging and intense.
VIP Collection
ÉCLAT 902 belongs to our VIP collection. There, particularly precious and rare ingredients such as oud are combined to create attractive signature and niche fragrances.
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