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ÈCLAT 910 Soy scented candle

ÈCLAT 910 Soy scented candle

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The creamy candle awakens feelings of security, purity and care. No matter what room, the scented candle makes every home a place of well-being.
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SKU: DK910
The creamy candle awakens feelings of security, purity and care. No matter what room, the scented candle makes every home a place of well-being.
Our creamiest fragrance N° 910 is now available as a comforting candle for the room. When you light the candle, let yourself be enveloped by the great aromas of lavender, rose, musk and powder. The scent evokes feelings of security and closeness, of freshness, purity and care. Whether you want to spend a cozy evening in your living room or relax in the bathroom during the beauty ritual, the scented candle will turn any home into a place of well-being.
The intoxicating, sweet-balsamic lavender aroma with its floral facets lets you feel the southern French sun on your skin and has a wonderfully relaxing effect.
Musk is one of the most seductive fragrances for both him and her. With its attractive character, this fragrance often forms a sensual and warm base.
powdery notes
powdery notes
The scent of powder gives the perfume fine, dry accents. Powder notes lie gently and delicately on the skin and convey a clean and soft skin feeling there.

Our selection of scented candles
Selected fragrances give this collection of candles their great scent. The scented candles are made from soy wax and scented with our best and most popular fragrances. You can enjoy your favorite creamy scent in the soft candlelight for up to 45 hours.
The best gift
The simple design of the candle in the noble glass jar and the creamy unisex fragrance embody purity and minimalism. The candle fits into any home ambience, making it a perfect gift for all your loved ones.
How to use
Shorten the wick to about 1 cm before using and let the candle burn for at least two hours when lighting it for the first time, so that the candle can burn evenly.
and comfort
Experience the cuddly feeling of well-being and security when lighting the scented candle. The creamy scent for the room carries a wellness flair that immediately invites you to relax. Experience the peace and strength that only a free sunday can give you and transform your home into a place to feel good.
Unmistakably creamy
This fragrance creates a sense of trust with the fresh and classic notes. In particular, the distinctive cream accord makes this scented candle very special.
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