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ÉCLAT Jaipur Room fragrance

ÉCLAT Jaipur Room fragrance

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Close your eyes and India with all its colors and scents suddenly seems within your grasp ...
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Close your eyes and India with all its colors and scents suddenly seems within your grasp ...
Fresh and fruity, pear, red apple and lemon gently stimulate the senses. In addition, there are floral notes of the precious iris, which stimulates our creative powers. The combination of oud, musk and amber has a uniquely intense and aphrodisiac effect. Close your eyes and India seems within your grasp in an instant.
Ambergris is one of the most valuable and rarest fragrances in nature ... The precious fragrance forms the perfect basis for luxurious perfumes and exudes a touch of exclusivity.
The juicy fruits of the pear tree have a uniquely beguiling, sweet aroma. In the top note, the pear with its characteristic scent provides a summery-sweet prelude.
As a romantic symbol of love, the rose also knows how to inspire in perfume. The elegant scent of the rose petals is just classic. Unmistakably, he always creates new, outstanding floral fragrance creations.
The scents of India are colorful and loud, cheerful and exotic. Subtly integrated into this fragrance for the room, they provide a gentle association of the far eastern attitude to life.
Gentle atmosphere through fragrance sticks
The room fragrance Jaipur is gently received by the enclosed sticks and then discreetly released into the room. A larger number of sticks and the regular turning of these further intensify the scent. Close your eyes for a moment and India seems suddenly within reach ...
300 kilometers southwest of Delhi lies the culturally rich city of Jaipur, with all its colorful palaces, magnificent markets and exuberant inhabitants.
Olfactory journey
to India
The room fragrance Jaipur is as diverse as the Indian metropolis that gives the fragrance its name. Vitalizing fruit notes, oriental flowers and far eastern precious substances combine to create an exotic and euphoric combination. Loud and colorful without being intrusive, the fragrance takes you straight to the heart of India. Warm as the Indian sun with a comfortable freshness; magnificent as the buildings of Jaipur and balanced as the inhabitants of the city, this fragrance brings positivity and thoughtfulness into your home.
Comforting world
of fragrances
Room fragrances have an immediate effect on our emotional state. Fill your home with stimulating notes and scents that make you happy!
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