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ÉCLAT Night Oud Room fragrance

ÉCLAT Night Oud Room fragrance

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Sensual aromas of leather, oud and cedar immerse your home in a dark and elegant flair from 1001 nights.
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Sensual aromas of leather, oud and cedar immerse your home in a dark and elegant flair from 1001 nights.
Leather, oud, sandalwood and cedar wood make the scent dark, woody and elegant. Perfectly coordinated, saffron gives off a warm, spicy, sweetish-bitter note. Patchouli and rose balance and harmonize the composition. Finally, guaiac wood sets smoky, earthy and mysterious accents. A harmonious, oriental and somewhat mystical fragrance that has an aphrodisiac effect.
Strong and sensual with a multitude of aromas, leather in perfumes can sometimes smell soft and reserved and sometimes opulent and intense. The fragrance note is a popular classic in the world of fragrances.
The sensual scented oil, obtained from the resin of the exotic agarwood tree, exudes a unique and mystical flair that is reminiscent of 1001 nights.
The cedar has a pronounced dark, deep and woody scent with spicy and balsamic accents. Since the scent note lasts for a long time, it is often incorporated into the base note.
Fragrance direction
This room fragrance one can only love! Night Oud is particularly intense and especially beguiling. Strong notes such as leather, oud and saffron give the fragrance a penetrating and multi-layered character.
Create aroma
Put the five enclosed black fragrance sticks into the bottle so that they can absorb the fragrant oil. The fragrance sticks distribute the scent quite immediately naturally and evenly throughout the room. The intensity of the fragrance can be varied as desired by the number of sticks.
Saffron: Pure Orient!
The exotic scent of the precious spice transforms your home into a personal oasis of well-being. Enveloping and mysterious, saffron carries the charm of the Orient.
Olfactory journey to the Orient! Your
In the middle of the oriental market it is warm, a spicy veil hangs in the air. As far as the eye can see, the wooden baskets and bags are filled with spices and fabrics in the most magnificent colors. The aroma they exude is beguiling! It is mixed with the intense scent of warmed precious woods and the distinctive smell of leather. The market is busy, but not crowded. Night Oud is like the Orient: mysterious, profound and charming. Let this fragrance take you on an olfactory journey to the Orient and create a uniquely luxurious aroma in your home.
Flair of luxury
Not only the fragrance exudes luxury and elegance in your home. Also the flacon is through the simple design with the clear lines a noble eye-catcher!
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