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ÉCLAT Pink Vanilla Room fragrance

ÉCLAT Pink Vanilla Room fragrance

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This room fragrance is cheerful, loud and exuberant. Intense and sweet as sugar, the aroma lifts the mood.
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This room fragrance is cheerful, loud and exuberant. Intense and sweet as sugar, the aroma lifts the mood.
This good-mood scent gives every room a positive atmosphere. Here vanilla, geranium and helitrope unfold their balancing and calming effect. The scent of the tonka bean evokes the most beautiful memories in us. In addition, there is the soothing scent of bergamot, which, like ylang ylang, has a mood-enhancing effect. Finally, the fragrance combination with spring-like peony beguiles. Intense and sweet as sugar!
The blue-violet heliotrope is also known as "vanilla flower" because of its scent. The scent of the flowers is powdery-sweet and creamy-warm and resembles that of marzipan or vanilla.
The peony as a symbol of beauty offers an impressive display of colors and scents. Radiant floral notes are surrounded by a green-floral freshness.
The heavy scent of the vanilla pod has a uniquely sweet and warm character. As a harmonizing scent, vanilla forms the sensual and smooth base of countless perfumes.
A fragrance
for every season
Vanilla crescents in winter and vanilla ice cream in summer. The full-bodied vanilla scent is very popular in every season and has long been impossible to imagine the world of fragrances without it. In the fragrance it provides warmth and a comforting feeling of comfort.
How to use
the home fragrance
The five included fragrance sticks absorb the oil from the bottle and then spread the scent discreetly and evenly throughout the room. Start with a few sticks and increase the number if you want to intensify the scent. To further intensify the scent, the sticks can be turned regularly.
The intense scent of Pink Vanilla is a pleasant contrast to the simple design of the bottle. Thus, the room fragrance fits into any interior design and is still an eye-catcher!
Vanille –
Queen of fragrances
Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices of the world. Its pleasantly sweet, warm and seductive scent is immediately perceived due to its high recognition value! Another peculiarity of the delicious vanilla aroma is that it is almost exclusively associated with the positive. The magical scent of vanilla lifts the mood, relieves stress and is therefore very popular. With the strong vanilla note in Pink Vanilla you create a soft and harmonious room climate in your home, where everyone and anyone feels welcomed.
Positive flair
This fragrance creates a good mood in your home. In addition to the vanilla as a cozy feel-good factor, sparkling bergamot and cheerful floral notes provide a good mood boost!
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