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ÉCLAT Serail Room fragrance

ÉCLAT Serail Room fragrance

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This fragrance brings a gentle breeze of the Orient into your home. Stately and beguiling, but at the same time reserved and delicate.
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This fragrance brings a gentle breeze of the Orient into your home. Stately and beguiling, but at the same time reserved and delicate.
The warmth and security of the orange and bergamot combine with aromatic rosemary, eucalyptus and oud. Rose and violets complete the composition. A touch of the Orient invites you to relax and regenerate. A trip to an Ottoman palace, also known as a seraglio. Stately, pure and beguilingly oriental.
As a romantic symbol of love, the rose also knows how to inspire in perfume. The elegant scent of the rose petals is just classic. Unmistakably, he always creates new, outstanding floral fragrance creations.
The fragrant Mediterranean herb rosemary is characterized by its intense, tangy, tangy aroma in the perfume. The aromatic scent is somewhat reminiscent of spruce and pine needles.
The invigorating freshness and soothing naturalness of eucalyptus creates an oasis of balance. The intense fragrance with its minty note embodies pure well-being.
A Serail describes the palace and seat of government of an osmanic ruler. They are considered architectural masterpieces of Osmanic architecture due to their impressive appearance.
This fragrance brings a piece of the Orient into your home. Delicious fruits, lovely flowers and noble spices are combined to create an oriental-inspired feel-good fragrance. The welcoming notes carry not only the fragrance, but also the flair of oriental hospitality with all its warmth and generosity into the room. It creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere where everyone feels welcome.
Unique flair
The simple flacon made of crystal clear glass becomes a stylish eye-catcher with the noble fragrance sticks in deep black!
Castle from
1001 Nights
On the protrusion of the ridge at an altitude of 3000 meters, the impressive palace rises directly above the steep slope. The unusual architecture and impressive construction make the Serail a unique masterpiece. The seat of the oriental ruler resembles an imposing castle from 1001 nights. The warm scent of spicy herbs, magnificent flowers and ripe citrus fruits, carried through the air by a light breeze, completes the oriental flair. ÉCLAT Serail captures the oriental climate in a subtle fragrance for the room and also gives your home a flair of 1001 nights.
The five enclosed sticks are placed in the bottle. The number determines the intensity of the oriental fragrance. Gently and smoothly they distribute the fragrance in the room and create an inviting atmosphere.
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