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ÉCLAT Shaolin Room fragrance

ÉCLAT Shaolin Room fragrance

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Fresh and intense at the same time, this heavenly green fragrance exudes strength and calm at the same time.
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Fresh and intense at the same time, this heavenly green fragrance exudes strength and calm at the same time.
With an Asian touch, this fragrance is subtly fresh, green and looks familiar. Green apple has an activating effect and brings a slight freshness. Violet creates a flowery sweetness. Lotus and vanilla have a calming effect. This contradiction is also reflected in the unique scent of sandalwood, which has a stimulating and calming effect on body and mind at the same time. The scent is subtly tart, unmistakable and gives you inner peace.
The scent of fine woods lets you feel nature. This note blends comfortably and harmoniously into the living environment and exudes naturalness and warmth.
The purple flowers are mainly grown in Grasse for perfume production. The scent of the popular violet is sweet, powdery and extremely flowery.
white lotus
white lotus
The spring-like violet caresses the soul with its delicate, floral aroma. Stimulating and balancing, this fragrance fills the living area with a cheerful atmosphere.
Fresh as dew and sensual!
This room fragrance has everything a feel-good aroma needs: refreshing notes of green apple, white lotus and delicate spring buds meet sensual depths of amber and vanilla. The composition is harmoniously held together by intense precious woods.
The heavenly notes of the home fragrance Shaolin transport the mind to a place of boundless ease and peace. In the middle of the soothing forests of Asia, the mind can come to rest and recharge for the efforts of everyday life. Fill your home with the relaxing and soothing notes.
Shaolin (Chinese 少林)
While the character 少 (shǎo or shào) can be translated as "little" or "young", the character 林 (lín) means "forest". The name Shaolin can thus be described as "young forest".
source of strength
and haven of peace
The young forest lies in rich green in front of me. Despite the heat, the air here is moist and clear. It smells green and fresh, of nature and woods, of soft blossoms and bitter leaves. I feel that it cannot be far anymore from here. In the middle of the untouched, asian nature the temple rises robust and red. I have reached my destination and yet I am just at the beginning. The contrast of colors and the magnificent in the middle of nowhere fascinates me over and over again. Here I can recharge my batteries and find peace.
How to use
The enclosed fragrance sticks provide a discreet and even distribution of the fragrance in the room. The number of sticks can be varied depending on the size of the room and desired intensity.
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