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ÉCLAT Xmas Dream Soy scented candle

ÉCLAT Xmas Dream Soy scented candle

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A Christmas atmosphere to light up. The most beautiful aromas of the festive season are combined in a fragrance reminiscent of freshly baked cookies.
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A Christmas atmosphere to light up. The most beautiful aromas of the festive season are combined in a fragrance reminiscent of freshly baked cookies.
This is how christmas smells! Experience pure holiday spirit when lighting the wintery candle Xmas Dream. The candle combines the most beautiful aromas of the festive season and reminds you of the delicious smell of freshly baked cookies. In an instant, your home will smell festive and welcoming. The coziness and positivity that the candle creates is incomparable. Enjoy up to 45 hours of Christmas excitement and coziness right now.
red apple
red apple
This fragrance gives off the pleasant aroma of ripe, red apples; perfectly shaped and freshly picked from the tree. Summery and fruity, the red apple is a popular note.
The heavy scent of the vanilla pod has a uniquely sweet and warm character. As a harmonizing scent, vanilla forms the sensual and smooth base of countless perfumes.
The characterful spice convinces with its pleasantly aromatic scent. With its tart spiciness and subtle sweetness, cinnamon exudes a cozy warmth.

Shorten the wick of the Christmas candle to about 1 cm before the first use. Let the candle burn for at least two hours so that the upper wax layer melts completely and the candle can burn evenly.
About the
ÉCLAT scented candles are made of 100% natural soy wax. The candles are manufactured in our production facility in Germany. The burning time of the candle is up to 45 hours.
Complement the Christmas candle with the scented sticks from the same line for an even more intense fragrance experience.
Scents from
the Christ-
Those who want to enjoy the Christmas season to the fullest, should not miss this fragrant candle. With orange, cardamom, almond, cinnamon, clove, vanilla and many other ingredients, the composition combines the most popular smells of the Christmas season. The delicious notes create a pleasantly warm atmosphere and awaken beautiful childhood memories of light-hearted Christmas with cookies and hot chocolate. A festive mood is created in an instant, which will make you forget about the annual Christmas stress for a while.
Stylish accessory
The classy design will fit into any home and is guaranteed to match the Christmas decor.
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