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Items 1 - 22 of 22

Rarities: rare perfumes and rare fragrances

Fragrance twins for men, which belong to our rarities collection, are alternatives to a very special category of perfume: the fragrance twins can be reminiscent of fragrances that it so no longer available to buy. Many fragrances have been removed from the range over the years to make room for new, more modern compositions. We're giving some of these beloved classics a new lease of life. You miss your favorite scent? You might find it in our rarities collection. 

Buy fragrance twins for men online 

Fragrance twins for men - the selection at ÉCLAT is huge. Various rarities offer you a varied fragrance experience. Which fragrance should your next fragrance have? Rare perfumes for men can have many facets: fresh, woody, spicy or citrusy or flowery? A perfume always has a scent character. A fragrance twin can be unique or relaxed. He can be seductive or sporty. The possibilities are great. You decide which fragrance twin suits you best! 

High quality perfume for men with rarity value

Find your fragrance here. With the rarities for men from ÉCLAT. Use the filter function in our online shop for fragrance twins or ask our customer service for an alternative to your desired fragrance. The rarities from ÉCLAT offer you a variety of high-quality perfumes for men with rarity value.    

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