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Scopri ora le nostre nuove creme per il corpo. Ora ad un prezzo di prova
Profumi per ambienti
Crea oasi di benessere con le nostre fragranze per la tua casa.
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Scopri il nostro set di pennelli per trucco professionale con 16 diverse applicazioni.
Creme per il corpo
Scopri ora le nostre nuove creme per il corpo. Ora ad un prezzo di prova
Profumi per ambienti
Crea oasi di benessere con le nostre fragranze per la tua casa.
eclat_brushset New
Scopri il nostro set di pennelli per trucco professionale con 16 diverse applicazioni.
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Fantastic selection for enchanting moments that will be remembered

A perfume is so much more than just a fragrance. The right perfume underlines your own personality, creates self-confidence and can influence moods and memories. Dive into the fragrance world of ÉCLAT and discover the most beautiful fragrance twins and most popular dupes. Regardless of whether you are looking for current trends and absolute top sellers or for very special niche fragrances, you are sure to find what you are looking for with us. As a fragrance twin online shop, we have made it our business to offer high-quality fragrances at a reasonable price. Our fragrance alternatives are produced in Germany and all contain at least 15% fragrance oil. You can easily and safely order dupes and fragrance twins in the highest quality from us.

Find the right fragrance twin

Are you looking for an alternative to a very specific fragrance? Just ask our competent customer service and we will help you as quickly and easily as possible. You can also find your fragrance twin by using the filter function of our perfume online shop. Simply select the notes that your perfume should contain in the "Fragrance notes" filter. If we have something suitable in our range, it will then be displayed to you.  

Niche fragrances and luxury perfumes

In addition to the best-known perfume classics, our range also includes a large selection of high-quality niche fragrances. The VIP collection offers fragrance twins and dupes for luxurious fragrances, and collectibles with expensive ingredients and extravagant fragrances. These very special signature fragrances stand out from the crowd and are still available from us at a reasonable price.   

Rarities: Rare perfumes and fragrances

Perfumes and fragrances that are actually no longer available. Many people know the great disappointment when they have finally found their signature fragrance and it is then no longer produced. Our fragrance rarities collection contains exactly such fragrances. Fragrance alternatives to perfumes that actually no longer exist. There is no greater treasure than finding your lost favorite fragrance. One example is the popular men's fragrance ÉCLAT 774 Nightflight, which we brought back to life. 

A growing range

Started as an online perfumery, we are constantly developing. Of course, fragrance twins and perfume dupes remain at the heart of our company. Nevertheless, we keep coming up with new products that should enrich the range and make you happy. 

Room fragrances: The world of fragrances has been complementing our wide range of room fragrances for some time. The Home Fragrances create a great indoor climate and an atmosphere that invites you to relax. The varied scents range from spring-like and refreshing to comfortably warm and dark. The right room fragrance for every taste.  

Care: Soothing care for all skin needs! A selection of our most popular fragrances will soon be available as a nourishing body cream. Body care with a regenerating and moisturizing effect that envelops you in the delicate aura of your favorite scent.  

Cosmetics: You will soon find a selection of ÉCLAT Beauty products in our online shop. In addition to mascara, adapted to the different needs of your eyelashes, there will also be a colorful selection of matt lip creams. Be inspired soon and discover the new ÉCLAT beauty world!
ECLAT.DE is developing from an online perfumery and an expert on fragrance twins and perfume dupes to an online provider of lifestyle, care and cosmetics. 

Shop online at ÉCLAT

The shopping experience and the needs of our customers have always been our top priority: In addition to excellent customer service, a new, high-quality shop design and intuitive shop operation, versatile product information, diverse payment options and a short delivery time make your online purchase with us easy and comfortable. We include three free fragrance samples as a small gift with every order so that you are always inspired and up to date.

Sales and promotions in theonline-shop

There are regular sales and offers on ECLAT.DE that you shouldn't miss. By registering for our free newsletter, you will always be up-to-date with the latest trends, limited offers, new products and fragrances, breathtaking discounts and exciting promotions such as Black Friday 2021 at ÉCLAT.

Give away joy with ÉCLAT

For special occasions such as birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, anniversary or Mother's Day, you can fall back on our magical gift ideas. Small gifts get friendships and relationships, a warm welcome for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, Christmas or Valentine's Day are the most wonderful "thank you". In our extensive range you will find great gift ideas that will make friends, family and loved ones shine. And who says we shouldn't give ourselves presents every now and then?

News: Spring 2022!

In spring, nature awakens to new life. It gets warmer and brighter and we enjoy the warming rays of the sun and the colorful spring flowers. Spring is the perfect time to change our perfume and beauty routine. 

Fresh colors are in demand! When nature becomes more colorful outside, many people also get more desire for color in their everyday life. You can find beautiful spring colors in our Velvet Lipcreams. The lipsticks for spring convince with bright and cheerful colors. Once you've tried them, it's hard to imagine your spring beauty routine without them. 

Spring also brings a desire for change in perfume. It's time to swap the ravishingly sweet and heavy winter scents with all their spices, pine needles and vanilla notes for fresher and lighter fragrances. Fragrance dupes with floral-fresh and green floral notes or aquatic-airy refreshing scents are popular in the spring months. The warmer it gets, the lighter a perfume should be. In our wide selection of perfume dupes for spring, you're sure to find your favorite for this magical season.

What applies to perfume on the skin can also be applied to fragrances for the room. Not only in the cold months room fragrances provide coziness in our home. Even in spring, subtle room fragrances create a positive mood and an atmosphere of well-being. In our assortment you will find many room scents with the most beautiful spring notes. Skin care is only important in winter? No way! Also in spring and summer the skin needs moisture and care. 

Skin care becomes especially enjoyable and a fixed beauty ritual when it is combined with your favorite spring scent. Delicately scented with our best fragrances, our body creams are a true spring must-have.

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