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This perfume is inspired by the mysterious and mystical hour of late summer dusk.
81 Mas de 50
SKU: 765
This perfume is inspired by the mysterious and mystical hour of late summer dusk.
This perfume is inspired by the mysterious and mystical hour of late summer dusk. The warmth of the slowly setting sun is combined with the hesitant coolness of the night. This very specific smell, which is only in the air when day and night meet, has been excellently incorporated here. This fragrance is a slightly more distinctive and powerful variant of our bestseller ÉCLAT 696. The dominant notes in the ÉCLAT 765 have been given even more depth in order to achieve an even more impressive fragrance experience. Notes of ambroxan, bergamot, lavender, pepper, star anise, nutmeg and papua vanilla create a very special, gentle magic. The scent is fresh, strikingly masculine with magical-sensual facets.
The artificial fragrance is reminiscent of ambergris and is reflected in the perfume through elegant, woody salt, sea and skin notes that are both gentle and invigorating.
The wonderful citrus fruit bergamot ripens mainly in the Calabrian sun ... Used in the top note, it ensures a particularly lively and fresh start.
szechuan pepper
szechuan pepper
The aromatic tingling spiciness of the Szechuan pepper is amazing. Intense pepper aroma meets a light lemon aroma. The result is a cool fragrance that intensifies every composition.
The fragrance notes
Intense and gentle at the same time, the fragrance notes of ÉCLAT 765 were carefully selected. Bergamot and lavender provide a perfectly dosed freshness, while ambroxan, vanilla and nutmeg bring a powerful warmth to the perfume. Szechuan pepper provides a masculine spiciness.
For a long-lasting fragrance effect, the perfume should be sprayed on the skin from a distance of about 15 cm. Preferably, the fragrance should be applied to warm areas of the body. Tip: Perfume should generally not be rubbed on the skin, as this destroys fragrance molecules.
Masculinity has many facets. In perfume creations, it is reinterpreted over and over again. The fragrance ÉCLAT 765 describes with its sweet-spicy, fresh and woody notes a clear and direct masculinity.
day & night
The magical time of dusk has its very own aroma. This special stage of transition has significantly inspired the masculine composition of ÉCLAT 765. The warm air of the summer day meets the cool freshness of a regenerating night. The state of suspension somewhere between day and night exudes a special magic in this eau de parfum that sets the fragrance apart from other men's fragrances. Impressive, striking and with a high recognition value.
Eau de Parfum
All our fragrance dupes for men contain 15% fragrance oil content and thus belong to the class of eau de parfums.
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